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Engaging in Play

Teaching young children the nature of play is a fun thing for our educators to do at Fairfield childcare centre. They say that play is essential for children to learn and develop with socialising and psycho-motor skills. Fostering development, our educators are dedicated to helping children learn through play. It can be conducive for cognitive, physical, social and emotional wellbeing of children and they engage with the world around them. Free playtime is important and not rushing the children to pick up necessary skills. Letting them learn and develop in their own unique way is the effective way to have children engage with play and their surroundings. Rushing the children can be detrimental to their health and development therefore allowing free play stimulates them cognitively and socially. At Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre, our Fairfield childcare centre is renowned for allowing free playtime. Our team has your child’s best interests at heart and we want your child to thrive in engaging in play at our childcare Fairfield centre. Children stimulate their imagination when engaged in play and our educators truly value the uniqueness of every child’s imagination. They may engage in role play such as performing in adult roles, conquering fears through play and learning new skills. The independence of play is also important as is the social aspect of playing with other children. They can learn how to adapt independently as well as learning how best to interact on a social level. Our childcare Fairfield centre is equipped with items for engaging in play and we are well-versed in facilitating children’s play.

Learning Through Play

We strongly value learning and development through engaging in play at our childcare Fairfield centre. Beyond worksheets and screen time with technological devices, children can engage in live play and take on the roles they wish to. Getting physical with the world around them fosters healthy habits and creates a productive relationship with being active and healthy and with the outside. Children learn new things about their surroundings through play, about the physical world and about what their imagination lets them be free to explore. They figure out the impact on oneself and others by the choices they make in play and playtime is a natural stress-reliever. Children can road test ideas and connect experiences together as well as engage in socialising. The social aspect of play is highly-important as children learn mannerisms, appropriate behaviour and development for self-control. They figure out what lends itself to positive or negative reactions from others and the educators are here to help facilitate play. We at your local childcare in Fairfield centre foster playtime as a time for imaginations to run wild and for creative exploration in a safe and secure environment where the safety of the children is of utmost importance to us.

Trust The Word of Our Clientele

At your local childcare in Fairfield centre, Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre, we strongly-value the word of our clientele. Rather than just take our word for it, you can read about some of the experiences our clientele have had with our Fairfield childcare centre. Kara Mezinec says ‘Imaginations Fairfield is a lovely well-designed centre with lots of space for the children to learn and play. The educators clearly put a lot of effort into creating new learning experiences for the children at all ages and this is evident in the work that my son brings home. My son started at 12 months and has progressed through each room. At all stages he has enjoyed the activities and speaks fondly of his educators. The educators are always willing to listen to my concerns and address them immediately. It is because of this I feel confident and comfortable to leave my son (and now also my daughter) in their care. I am extremely happy with the service of the educators at Imaginations Fairfield and highly recommend the child care centre to other parents that are looking for a safe, clean, fun and welcoming place for their children to grow and develop’. Another testament to our service and quality educators is from Vinh Huynh who says ‘our twins attended Imaginations since it was first opened about 4 years ago right up until their recent graduation this year. At the start we had no idea what to expect but were made to feel welcomed and soon after a few weeks we couldn’t recommend this place highly enough to all our friends – An absolute real gem in the Fairfield area conveniently situated close to the train station and buses. The centre is spacious, clean and well-resourced, with great indoor and outdoor facilities and technology that provides daily updates on kids progress as well as the occasional excursions and inhouse guests /events that encourages great learning experiences. The teachers are qualified and are wonderfully compassionate each time they have attended to any concerns we had. The constant smiles on their faces speaks volumes of the positive atmosphere at this centre and how much they enjoy and are passionate about their work. I’m privileged to have observed how they evolved and creatively improved ideas each year. Most importantly my kids come home happy speaking about their eventful day, what they learnt, the healthy food they were fed, with friends they played with. Imagination fully puts our minds at ease knowing our kids are in good hands to fully concentrate on work – which is what all parents desire and hence it supersedes our expectations. Congratulations to the Director – Michelle and her wonderful teaching staff!’ For quality childcare in Fairfield, Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre is the childcare centre to seek.

Visual Stimulation

Visual stimulation is part and parcel of activities at Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Fairfield childcare centre. It’s one of the five senses to explore and children often learn through visual aids. Visual perception involves sensory processing through the sense of sight and interpreting and responding to visual stimuli is an essential way in which children learn and grow. It is the brain’s capacity to interpret what children’s eyes see but it doesn’t mean 20/20 vision. It’s more about responding to visual stimuli in a manner befitting visual perception. Vibrant colours offers a sensory experience for children especially with toys and craft activities enhancing their ability to process visual stimulation. Visual perception is crucial for reading and writing and sourcing things in the external environment. Visual attention refers to the capacity to filter out the irrelevant information and hone in on the visual stimuli. Visual discrimination refers to the ability to assess the similarities and differences of items in sight. As a Fairfield childcare centre, we strongly-value visual stimulation as part of our program of activities for children. Particular toys and games enhances visual stimulation and perception and can assist in visual memory for recalling attributes of objects and items. Drawing pictures is a fantastic way to aid visual perception and building blocks are great for visual perception as well. There are ways to improve visual perception abilities such as colour coding, directional arrows, outlining boundaries and breaking activities into smaller steps with visual stimuli. With visual discrimination children will eliminate distractions within sight and identify key similarities and differences. As your local childcare Fairfield centre, Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre has a team of educators who are passionate about letting children grow and develop with visual stimulation and perception through learning and play activities.

The Benefits of an Early Learning Centre

There is a plethora of benefits to children attending early learning centres such as our Fairfield childcare centre. Our suitably-qualified educators value children’s growth and development and we enhance learning and growth through effective activities. Our Fairfield childcare centre is an extension of home with educators who are passionate about educating your little one. By enrolling your beloved little one into our Fairfield childcare centre you are exposing them to learning activities that fosters cognitive development, play time creativity and socialisation not to mention engagement with adults and letting the imagination run free. We seek to foster interpersonal skills within your child so that they have the best opportunity to socialise and gain skills for interaction with other children. This is important in preparing them for school where they will make friends with other children and engage in social play time activities. Through encouragement, inspiration and motivation, our educators gentle guide children in various activities which aids their learning and development and this can be an extension of learning at home. Our team strongly-values mental, physical and social stimulation as well as emotional health and wellbeing so you can be confident in our ability to cater for your child’s needs. We ensure that each and every child is well taken care of and safe and secure within our environment. We embrace diversity and inclusivity so children are exposed to different cultures and nationalities and therefore grow with cultural awareness. The benefits of an early learning centre such as our Fairfield childcare centre are seemingly endless with a professional and friendly team of educators who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure the happiness and fulfilment of the children. We love nothing more than smiling happy faces of the children in our care.

Valuing Uniqueness

Our team of qualified educators understand and value uniqueness of every child and their individual learning styles and abilities. We foster growth and development through learning and play time activities and value the uniqueness of creativity which children engage with and develop. We motivate children to seek and explore and engage with their senses and learning styles to learn and develop key skills. We are often amazed at what children come up with in learning and play activities and we truly believe in children experiencing the world around them in their own unique way. Every child is different and has varying abilities for learning and development and we value this and engage with the children in an effective manner befitting their individual needs. For a Fairfield childcare centre, Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre is the centre to choose for childcare and early learning and we go above and beyond to assist the children with their unique way of interacting with the environment.

Sensory Toys For Experience

When you search “childcare centre near me”, you are bound to find Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre if you are in Fairfield or surrounding western suburbs of Sydney. Embracing diversity, Imaginations Fairfield caters for children of varying backgrounds and we are a family-friendly early learning centre. We believe in fostering positive learning and development through various activities including educational and play-time activities. For many children, especially those on the Autism Spectrum, sensory toys are a fine way to aid in learning and growth with mental stimulation and aiding auditory and visual perception. Practically all children enjoy playing to some degree and sensory toys can aid in helping build upon play-time while also helping learn skills. Building blocks can aid in learning how to piece items together and many toys aid in fine motor skills and dexterity while others stimulate auditory and visual senses. Games and puzzles as well as craft contributes towards mental stimulation and cognitive development, understanding how things work and what a child can achieve. When you are seeking out a “childcare centre near me” and you find Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre in Fairfield, you’ll know you have found a wonderful place once you get in contact and come and visit our centre. We believe in providing a range of stimulation to the children through learning and play activities and we understand that every child is different and learns in their own unique way. We endeavour to foster growth and help your child gain the best early learning years to prepare them for their future ahead and schooling.

Visual Stimulation And Perception

Visual stimulation is important for children to learn and grow and sight being one of the five senses to explore, children learn through visual aids. Vibrant colours of toys offers a sensory experience for children and enhances their aptitude to engage with their surrounding environment in a visual sense. Visual perception is the brain’s capacity to ascertain or make sense of what children’s eyes see but it does not refer to vision such as 20/20 clear vision. It’s about processing what you can see and good visual perception skills are crucial for reading and writing, solving mathematical problems and finding things in a surrounding environment. Visual perception entails sensory processing abilities such as interpreting and responding to visual sensory stimuli. Further to this, visual attention refers to the capability to hone in on visual information while filtering out the irrelevant information while visual discrimination means being able to assess the similarities and differences in characteristics of objects. Certain toys or games for visual stimulation can aid in visual memory for recalling attributes of objects and this enhances visual perception capabilities. When an aspect of a complete picture is missing, visual closure enables a child to be able to still recognise or identify the object or formation. Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre in Fairfield is the one to appear when you search “childcare centre near me” and live in the western suburbs of Sydney and we value embracing children’s uniqueness and aiding their visual perception skills for growth and development. Methods to improve visual perception skills include visual clues such as using colour coding, directional arrows, outlining boundaries, eliminating distractions within visual sight and breaking activities into smaller steps. Drawing pictures is a fantastic way to aid visual perception as is hidden picture games/books; working with building blocks is another activity for visual perception skills. Search “childcare centre near me” and find Imaginations in Fairfield for we have your child’s best interests at heart and will help them with both visual perception and auditory stimulation.

Auditory Activities

Improving auditory skills is equally as important as visual perception skills and at our centre we love to help children develop their hearing sense. Our educators understand the importance of developing the five senses and one might say we are a leading childcare centre near me as our families love our centre. Activities for stimulating the auditory perception include rhythm and beats such as clapping hands to a song or working with a tune for learning the alphabet and spelling. Music is a classic way of stimulating the auditory perception and ability to recognise patterns in sound. Using rhythm to engage in story-telling is another way to engage the auditory sense as well as using movement to demonstrate parts of the story and nuance of words throughout the story-telling. Drama is another activity and the use of puppets greatly helps produce fun drama that stimulates children’s auditory sense not to mention their visual perception of the puppets’ forms. Different voices in speech reflects auditory stimulation and perception in recognising each of the voices in the puppet show. As our clients might say when it comes to the best “childcare centre near me”, Imaginations in Fairfield is one of a kind and we celebrate uniqueness and foster the aptitude to build upon sensory experiences.