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Imaginations Pre-school & Early Learning Centre in Fairfield – The place to let your child grow

There are many parents out there who are looking for childcare in Fairfield. Not only will they be looking for somewhere to send their kids, but they will be looking for somewhere that they can let their child grow and evolve. Many kids will be heading off to primary school in a year or two and parents will want to ensure that they have the adequate learning and social skills required for this. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for mums and dads to be unsatisfied with generic childcare in Fairfield. They want their kids to get one on one time where they can be nurtured and developed. Parents want their kids to be prepared for the real world and to receive a unique experience that most other kindergartens don’t supply. Here at Imaginations Pre-school & Early Learning Centre, we take a more boutique approach that will see kids thrive. We offer the very best of early childhood development and childcare in Fairfield. Our unique approach, philosophies, and values are what sets us apart from the rest and our curriculum is specifically designed to see our students flourish. With many parents wanting to give their kids the best chance possible, we know that we will have something to offer here at Imaginations Fairfield.

We give your child the best start possible to lifelong learning

The environment we offer here at Imaginations Fairfield is warm, inviting, welcoming, and safe. We strive to create a place where kids are excited to come and don’t feel like it is just a chore. We achieve this by building enthusiasm and by placing emphasis on socialising and interacting with others. Building these skills makes it easier for students to cope and learn in a new environment which makes it more likely that they will soak up their education rather than resent it. As we understand that every child is an individual and will have different needs, we have different rooms to accommodate for this. Our starlighter room is where students can come to build their confidence in learning and begin to feel safe spending time away from home. They can be encouraged to feel independent all while under supervision and will be given intentional teaching based on their interests. This is the perfect room to start in for those who want to bridge the gap between home and school. Our sunlighter room is where kids go to continue to develop and grow their specific interests. This is where they will establish their unique learning identity as well as how to utilise that. The planned play-based curriculum will ensure that in-depth learning will occur all while keeping a child interested. Finally, our moonlighter room is the place for those who are almost ready to transition to primary school. Here they can participate in literature, art, music, interaction, and engagement. This is where students can become confident, capable, and resourceful, getting all ready to enter the schooling system.

We strive to teach with respect and honesty

It is apart of our philosophies to teach with respect and honesty. This means that we honour parents and family as the first teachers, and we are simply an extension of that. We acknowledge diversity of different cultures, languages, religions, and ability levels, which means that we understand that everyone is completely unique. We pay our respects to the original custodians of this land and ensure that we acknowledge the Aboriginal people. We take rights and responsibilities very seriously which means that all children are valued equally. Furthermore, we have high expectations for children’s learning and are committed to ensuring that they are competent in all fields such as language, literacy, science, maths, music, and arts. On top of all of this, we have high expectations for our educators. Not only do our educators uphold an ethical practice that follows the Early Childhood Australia’s Code of Ethics, but we ensure that our teachers are constantly learning and reflecting upon themselves. We understand how much students can thrive with good and open teachers, so we constantly strive to achieve this here at Imaginations Fairfield.

In conclusion, there are many different places that a child could be taken to receive an early education. We here at Imaginations Preschool & Early Learning Centre, believe that we are the best place to send your child in Fairfield in order to see them flourish and grow. To get more information or to chat with one of our friendly staff members, simply pop into the centre and say hi.