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The Benefits Of Early Learning Centres: Fairfield Heights Child Care Centre

At our very own Fairfield Heights child care centre, Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre is a prime choice for you to send your beloved little one to child care and know they will gain the best experience they can from qualified educators and staff. Enrolling your child in your local Fairfield Heights child care centre, you are helping setting them for gaining cognitive development, socialisation and play-time creativity and imagination, engagement with adults and other children, mental stimulation and craftmanship of arts and crafts and even the enjoyment of music and melodies which aid children’s development. We seek to foster effective interpersonal skills and other learning and development skills within each and every child to reach their individual full potential and we embrace diversity and inclusivity to welcome all children to share in our Imaginations centre. Through encouragement, motivation and inspiration, we firmly and gently guide children to engage in various activities which aids their growth and development and this can be like a continuation of learning at home. Our team values mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and we ensure that the children are well taken care of and we comply with safety standards and effective supervision. We love nothing more than to see the smiling faces of children in delight and enjoying themselves in different activities whether it be for learning or for play-time and we are passionate about helping your child foster a successful start in life. 

Preparing The Children For School Years

It’s only natural that one day your child is going to outgrow child care and early learning and so our Fairfield Heights child care centre, Imaginations aims to prepare each and every child for their future school years to the optimum of each capacity. We don’t place too much pressure on them and we gently guide them through learning and applying new skills so that they may have a pocket of resources for when they begin to attend primary school. Some children will develop quicker than others, rapidly absorbing information and skills and be well-prepared for school but this does not mean that their emotional state is also ready for school years. Our educators understand this and we offer an all-encompassing strategy to help the mental, emotional and physical well being of all children regardless of the level of their skills. While some children may progress at a slower rate, they still have enormous opportunities to gain skills and achieve successful outcomes during their school years. Lifelong attitudes are often established within the early years and cognitive development years of childhood so educators encourage positive and productive attitudes towards educators, towards the children themselves, with the other children and with the activities.

Activities Galore!

At Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre, we are the local Fairfield Heights child care centre and we truly value our local community of families that come together to drop their children off into our care. We embrace diversity in activities for learning and development and play-time driving interpersonal skills and creativity as well as mental stimulation with puzzles and games. Developing fine motor skills is important like drawing, building blocks and other items while driving cognitive development is also learning words, numbers, letters and colours. Problem-solving activities is a big plus for enhancing cognitive function and games and puzzles are strongly-encouraged to assist with this. Whether children are indoors or outdoors, there are always activities for them to enjoy doing and engaging with their imagination to create arts and crafts and play-time activities and games. Musical activities are conducive for sensory stimulation in hearing and enjoying the relaxing tones of singing or melodies and this can gather the group of children around to collaborate together. Our educators at the Fairfield Heights child care centre ensure that we offer a vast array of activities for children to engage in therefore this stimulates them greatly and enhances their learning and development.