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How To Get Ready For Your Child’s Early Education

Little children have their first educational experience at home. At a certain age, the children will need to go to a school to receive a formal education. 

The early school experience can be smooth for you and your child if you know what you should do to prepare. This post has some helpful tips you can use to help your child start learning formally.

Early education is an essential phase in a child’s academic and general life. The foundation on which the child’s education is built depends on the early education experience. 

For everyone who feels anxiety because their child is about to start preschool, it is not a difficult experience. Think about it as putting the starting blocks in place to build a great adult eventually.

The following tips will help you avoid any ‘surprises’ as your child starts pre-school at a Fairfield childcare centre;

Find a Preschool Near you


We can write a long list of advantages to enjoy when your child goes to a preschool near you. It is convenient, and proximity will help you sort out any issue related to logistics.

You can find several preschools near you by Googling “child care Fairfield NSW”. 

Request your Fairfield Child Care Centres Operating Schedule


You can make better plans to accommodate changes in your daily schedule when you know our operating pattern. The information you need includes opening and closing times, logistics arrangements, and additional support offered to parents and preschoolers when necessary.

Discuss Expectations from our Childcare Centre in Fairfield


You should have identified particular expectations from the preschool before enrolling your early learner in childcare at Fairfield Heights.

Discuss your expectations with the admin team to know if you will get the results you need. Generally, the learning schedule is tailored to meet all students’ needs, and the results we get at our Fairfield childcare centre are excellent.

Ask for School Guidance 


If you know little about performance monitoring, you should ask for help from the preschool. We will be more than delighted to offer you tips on performance monitoring and basic assessments to know if your child is learning and developing under our watch.

Inform the School of Special Health Conditions (if any)


You should inform the preschool if there’s any health condition they should be aware of. This is to ensure your child is safer with us.

Parents can ask about first-aid protocols in the case of health emergencies.

Check the Meal Menu


The generic meal menu is suitable for all early learners at our childcare centre in Fairfield. However, to be sure it is what you expect, find out the meal menu. 

The little ones get used to leaving home for preschool quickly because they have such a good time at Imaginations Child Care in Fairfield. So you don’t need to worry about separation anxiety.

We look forward to answering any questions you may have and accepting your child as one of our students.