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Imagination Child Care at Fairfield

Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre is the choice centre for your child to attend day care. Our team is dedicated to delivering excellent child care at Fairfield and for assisting in childhood development for children up to six-years old. Licensed by the Department of Education and Communities, we are continually assessed and have regular licensing inspections We pride ourselves on delivering quality care for your child and can have up to seventy-six children attend on any one day. Our team understands that every child is different with varying personalities and learning styles and we cater for these. Child care at Fairfield is a centre of care and attentiveness to every child’s learning and individual progress and we help foster critical team-oriented skills. We at Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre believe in developing a solid learning foundation and our care and learning facilitation is what sets us apart from other centres. Furthermore, we are committed to providing outstanding client service to parents and carers and will update you on your child’s progress. We provide a safe, warm and encouraging environment that fosters positivity and enthusiasm within the children.


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‘It is the little things that count!’

This is the motto underpinning the child care at Fairfield provided by Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre: ‘it is the little things that count!’ We know that your child is unique and an individual and we want to support the growth of every child in their own way and in their own time. Through socialising at a young age, we can foster team-player attitudes and social interactions that are conducive to children’s safety and confidence in social activities. Play time is integral to a child’s learning development and play experiences indoor and outdoor supports learning. Furthermore, your child is attending an educational environment and we encourage and support the learning opportunities for your child. Our child care at Fairfield embraces the diversity of culture, history and language and communication is key. Children need a space to learn how to communicate and a space where they feel they belong; early childhood education is broadening from the home environment, the community and assist in the transition to primary school.

Creating a Welcoming Learning Environment

Learning takes place in a myriad of ways from educators, peer interactions, families, the community and the physical environment. Mother Nature provides endless possibilities for learning such as playing amongst the sand, water, dirt, plants, animals, rainbows and insects. We also encourage learning about the natural environment’s beauty and maintaining its cleanliness. Child care at Fairfield practices motivating children to be self-directed in their individual learning and adopt pre-kindergarten concept skills as well as academic learning such as in language, literacy, mathematics, science, music and the arts. Every child has a unique identity and should be encouraged to express this and the encouragement of this leads to a solid good health and wellbeing. Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre collaborates with parents and families to ensure a healthy education and caring environment is provided and welcomes feedback and input into the learning programs and events. Our educators are dedicated to continually learning and developing their knowledge and skills and we value and practice ethical care and education as outlined in the Early Childhood Australia’s Code of Ethics, 2006. Imaginations Fairfield also acknowledges and pays respect to the traditional custodians of this land, the Wullemedegal people and their language. We encourage and foster a sense of belonging among our children and their families and connection to Country and shared Indigenous history and culture.

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