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Letting Imaginations Run Wild

“And now,” cried Max, “let the wild rumpus start!” Where The Wild Things Are is an all-time classic in children’s literature, and a perfect example of what happens when little imaginations run wild. Max creates himself a boat and sails aware, to where the wild things are. Children are capable of creating wonderful worlds with just the power of their minds; we see it every day at our childcare Fairfield centre. Very little ones, aged just one and two, are still learning how the world works, and in their minds anything is possible! Playing often with your under-twos will help them to think creatively and to feel confident as they explore the world. They will love dressing up and playing pretend games. These activities might seem silly to you, but don’t squash that creativity. Descriptive storytelling will delight your child and inspire imagination. Even the littlest ones will also enjoy a chance to try artistic expression- finger painting may be messy but it sure is fun! Slightly older children can get more involved in role play, and by three and four may get right into pretending to be a doctor, or fireman or fairy. Playing these games with friends and peers encourages language development and teaches skills like sharing and taking turns. For ages five and six, stretch those imaginations to the limit by asking them to retell a favourite story but with a variation- or, get them to explain what happened next when the story finished. The kids at our childcare Fairfield centre are regularly engaging in games and activities just like these.

The Purpose Of Imagination Over Reality

If you can install a strong sense of imagination into your children, you will be setting them up for life. Imagination is not just something kids use in the playground. Adults with a strong imagination have a skill set that will serve them through study and work, as well as in their relationships. While being able to be practical when needed is an important skill to have, being able to dream big is also important. Imagination can help us find our passion- to work out what our hearts truly desire, and to think of some creative ways of achieving those goals.  Our imaginations shape our future- it has to do with the power of positive thinking. Having a good imagination helps us to gain momentum towards positive change, rather than thinking in a negative way about the possibilities. Plus, if you’ve got a problem, imagination could help you more than any practical solution could.  Imagination allows us to innovate our thinking; to create new and completely out there ways of responding to issues in our lives. Teaching your kids how to use their imagination will help them grow up into creative, adaptable and open-minded adults. We make supporting imagination a priority at our childcare Fairfield service.

Quality Care

When you are looking for quality childcare in the Fairfield area and surrounds, you really can’t go past Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre. With our focus on imagination and creative play, you will be setting your little one up for a great start. We know that play is essential for your child’s learning, and we will help them learn through discoveries, reflection and open-ended experiences. Our educators come from a very diverse range of backgrounds and we share this diversity of culture, language and values in our centre. Another unique aspect of our childcare Fairfield centre is the way that we value partnerships. We encourage families to be involved in learning whenever possible. We know the power of community and we form meaningful partnerships. There may be other options for childcare in western Sydney. But if quality childcare in the Fairfield area is what you are looking for, please come and visit Imaginations. We will help your child get the most out of their early learning experiences, even if that means encouraging them to get a little wild on occasion. We’ll set up thoughtful, engaging activities that will inspire imagination.  Will all of this dance, music, role play and theatre, ours must be the noisiest and happiest childcare Fairfield centre anyone has ever seen! Bring your little ones to Imaginations Preschool and Early Learning Centre- and we’ll help them to get the wild rumpus started!