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Sensory Toys For Experience

When you search “childcare centre near me”, you are bound to find Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre if you are in Fairfield or surrounding western suburbs of Sydney. Embracing diversity, Imaginations Fairfield caters for children of varying backgrounds and we are a family-friendly early learning centre. We believe in fostering positive learning and development through various activities including educational and play-time activities. For many children, especially those on the Autism Spectrum, sensory toys are a fine way to aid in learning and growth with mental stimulation and aiding auditory and visual perception. Practically all children enjoy playing to some degree and sensory toys can aid in helping build upon play-time while also helping learn skills. Building blocks can aid in learning how to piece items together and many toys aid in fine motor skills and dexterity while others stimulate auditory and visual senses. Games and puzzles as well as craft contributes towards mental stimulation and cognitive development, understanding how things work and what a child can achieve. When you are seeking out a “childcare centre near me” and you find Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre in Fairfield, you’ll know you have found a wonderful place once you get in contact and come and visit our centre. We believe in providing a range of stimulation to the children through learning and play activities and we understand that every child is different and learns in their own unique way. We endeavour to foster growth and help your child gain the best early learning years to prepare them for their future ahead and schooling.

Visual Stimulation And Perception

Visual stimulation is important for children to learn and grow and sight being one of the five senses to explore, children learn through visual aids. Vibrant colours of toys offers a sensory experience for children and enhances their aptitude to engage with their surrounding environment in a visual sense. Visual perception is the brain’s capacity to ascertain or make sense of what children’s eyes see but it does not refer to vision such as 20/20 clear vision. It’s about processing what you can see and good visual perception skills are crucial for reading and writing, solving mathematical problems and finding things in a surrounding environment. Visual perception entails sensory processing abilities such as interpreting and responding to visual sensory stimuli. Further to this, visual attention refers to the capability to hone in on visual information while filtering out the irrelevant information while visual discrimination means being able to assess the similarities and differences in characteristics of objects. Certain toys or games for visual stimulation can aid in visual memory for recalling attributes of objects and this enhances visual perception capabilities. When an aspect of a complete picture is missing, visual closure enables a child to be able to still recognise or identify the object or formation. Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre in Fairfield is the one to appear when you search “childcare centre near me” and live in the western suburbs of Sydney and we value embracing children’s uniqueness and aiding their visual perception skills for growth and development. Methods to improve visual perception skills include visual clues such as using colour coding, directional arrows, outlining boundaries, eliminating distractions within visual sight and breaking activities into smaller steps. Drawing pictures is a fantastic way to aid visual perception as is hidden picture games/books; working with building blocks is another activity for visual perception skills. Search “childcare centre near me” and find Imaginations in Fairfield for we have your child’s best interests at heart and will help them with both visual perception and auditory stimulation.

Auditory Activities

Improving auditory skills is equally as important as visual perception skills and at our centre we love to help children develop their hearing sense. Our educators understand the importance of developing the five senses and one might say we are a leading childcare centre near me as our families love our centre. Activities for stimulating the auditory perception include rhythm and beats such as clapping hands to a song or working with a tune for learning the alphabet and spelling. Music is a classic way of stimulating the auditory perception and ability to recognise patterns in sound. Using rhythm to engage in story-telling is another way to engage the auditory sense as well as using movement to demonstrate parts of the story and nuance of words throughout the story-telling. Drama is another activity and the use of puppets greatly helps produce fun drama that stimulates children’s auditory sense not to mention their visual perception of the puppets’ forms. Different voices in speech reflects auditory stimulation and perception in recognising each of the voices in the puppet show. As our clients might say when it comes to the best “childcare centre near me”, Imaginations in Fairfield is one of a kind and we celebrate uniqueness and foster the aptitude to build upon sensory experiences.