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What Does An Early Learning Centre Do?

The first few years of a child’s life shapes how they navigate through the rest of their life therefore it is highly-important to give your little one the best start possible. Environments like early learning centres foster and help children develop skills that will not only help them prepare for the school environment, but it will provide a space for your child to grow emotionally and mentally too. A great early learning centre fosters a safe, happy and positive learning environment, where children feel happy to come too each day. Utilising warm, friendly and qualified educators and staff, our Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre encourages children to seek, explore and develop knowledge of the world around them while building friendships and solid relationships. A stimulating environment is provided, so that your little ones will constantly be entertained, challenged and encouraged to develop through play. Positive reinforcement and teaching through play and stimulation gives children a solid foundation for learning, and it also aids them in retaining information. You will be rest assured that your decision to send your little one too a good early learning centre is a good one and feel quite secure knowing they are in good hands throughout the day.

Why Your Child Should Attend an Early Learning Centre?

By enrolling your child in an early learning centre, not only will they be able to develop socially by being in a class environment at an early age, it will set them up for their schooling life. The skills required to be a good learner can be developed from birth and an early learning centre such as Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre seeks to foster those skills in a way that will help children develop a strong and healthy relationship with learning from an early age. Studies show that children who attend early learning are fifty percent more likely to be more developed and less vulnerable when they start school. It is also shown that children who attend three or more years of high standard early learning show higher literacy and numeracy skills in their later school years, as well as better in science. By enrolling your child in an early learning centre, you are giving them an opportunity to be surrounded by stimulation and encouragement where children are able to develop and learn at their own pace and taught that learning is fun. By encouraging a love of learning at an early age, it sets children up for more positive experiences as they grow using play, discovery and fun. The benefits do not just come from an educational perspective though; Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre also helps children develop on a social/emotional level, a creative level and a physical level. Activities are designed with these areas of development in mind, so when your child is attending a good early learning centre, they are being exposed to a wide range of skills that will help them throughout their life.

The Outcomes of Childhood Learning

In the first five years of a persons life, they are at a higher capacity to learn and are developing more rapidly than at any stage of life. While each child develops at their own pace, it is important to recognise their development and make sure it is fostered in a way that will help them form positive experiences and help them on all different levels. It is important to see their development in a physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language sense as they grow as not to impede them later in life. Putting pressure academically child at an age too early or pushing them to go past their skillset can have a negative effect on them in their emotional development, but the same can be said if they are developing behind and it is not addressed. Places like an early learning centre can help parents gauge where their children should be and can help children develop in all aspects. A good early learning centre such as Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre can help provide this space but it is important that a parent knows what their child needs; a centre that puts too much pressure on academic work can be just as detrimental as a centre that does not provide them with any stimulation. When it comes to childhood learning, this time is where you can have the most impact on them in their lifelong attitudes to learning, growing and development, so it is important to try your best to make sure your child is being encouraged and is growing in the most positive way possible.