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What Is A Childcare Centre?

As a specialist in the space of childcare Fairfield-based, the team behind Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre have thorough knowledge and experience in the area and appreciate that each and every child is unique and will grow and learn in various ways. If you have come to the stage whereby both parents are working or your child is at the age where they are able to benefit from attending childcare for socialising and other development reasons you may have found yourself overwhelmed by the volume of different childcare Fairfeld-based centres. But what actually make a childcare centre a good childcare? There will be various views on this, however as a favorable childcare in the Fairfield area and from the team’s years of experience in the field we’ve noted that parents enjoy knowing the team in the centre are qualified in their field. Another area parents will often look at are the facilities within the childcare in the way of play equipment, napping areas and even pets like rabbits and guinea pigs where children can feed them during playtime. Another feature to consider when choosing your childcare are the drop off and pick up times. Ideally, the childcare centre should open early enough for you to drop your little one off in the morning so you still have enough time to get into work without having to be in a rush or fluster, and same with pick up time that allows you enough time to not have to rush to get to the childcare centre in Fairfield.

Advantages of Fairfield Childcare

As much as every parent would love to always be there for their children at any time of the day to answer any questions they have about the world and take them to parks, there will often come a point in time during your child’s upbringing that may require you to be away from your child such as when you’re at work for the day. In these instances, our childcare Fairfield based offers the ideal solutions for families while offering parents and the children comfort while children need to be at our childcare centre. Despite many parents wishing to try and avoid childcare, we often find that once parents begin sending their child to childcare they begin to see positive changes in the child’s ability to socialise and play more independently. Moreover, there are an array of benefits that children experience from attending childcare, and Imaginations Fairfield childcare centre understands these and continually strives to extend on the associated benefits for the children attending. By being with other children their age allows them to be in an environment that is geared towards education and also learning through play. With the application of games, activities and social interactions, at Imaginations Fairfield childcare centre your little one will be provided opportunities to learn how to independently pilot new experiences in a safe and controlled environment while making great friends.

The Curriculum

Choosing Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre as childcare Fairfield-based means you enjoy a team of staff members that can provide the best care and early childhood development for children from ages zero to six years. As a fully licensed Fairfield childcare centre endorsed by the Department of Education and Communities we undertake ongoing monitoring and regular licensing assessments that provide all parents comfort knowing all our compliance is met seamlessly. With a strong focus on providing childcare to a high standard we still continue to review our standards of care and stay up to date with new findings in early learning education. Being a Fairfield-based childcare provider we manifest an inviting and inventive learning environment whereby children can develop essential collaborative skills with peers. At Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre as a childcare based in Fairfield, from the inception of our childcare opening we have welcomed diversity in activities for learning and development which we find, forges the creation of interpersonal skills. We put high importance on including children in activities where fine motor skills will receive attention such as drawing, building blocks and various activate that assist the development of these skills while also driving cognitive development by the way of discovering new words and an appreciation for numbers.