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Committed to providing the very best of care
and early childhood development

About Us

“It is the little things that count!”
Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre is a boutique child care centre based in Fairfield that provide an innovative learning platform for your child in their early years of study. We believed in building a strong learning foundation for your child to provide a great head start for your child’s future.

At Imaginations Pre-school we believe strongly in commitment to offering a service to parents/carers and the community which reflects their needs and provides the very best of individualised education and care for children aged 0-6 years old. The environment will be warm and welcoming with positive feelings of safety, love and attentive care so that parents are happy to leave their children and the children are enthusiastic and content to spend their time with us.

We believe that all children are individuals who take part in the process of developing through interaction in the educational environment to extend their understandings and knowledge. The pre-school program, therefore, must allow for the development of individuality while each child is provided with a great variety of opportunities to reach his/her full potential through all experiences, in many varied curriculum areas. The programs allow for maximum pupil interaction, especially in activities which are hands on. Children need to be constantly supported, encouraged and positively reinforced for their behaviour and efforts so they always feel they are succeeding. This is essential in ensuring the children enjoy their time at the pre-school and at the same time enjoy the process of learning.