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Our Child Care Centre in Fairfield Heights follow a simple philosophy: offer each child the chance to flourish. To do this, we introduce them to a positive and productive environment. There they can both discover and develop their interests, with our qualified educators letting them push the boundaries of their curiosities. We recognise that boys and girls deserve more than standard learning. Personal, proactive interactions are instead needed. With the proper child care, watch your son or daughter flourish at Imagination’s.

Advice on Choosing an Early Learning Centre around Fairfield Heights

  • You want to make the best choices regarding your child and their education, so selecting the right early learning centre is crucial. Here are a couple of questions to think about…
  • Do they value respect, discipline and honesty?
  • Do they teach children to be individuals while instilling a since of empathy amongst their peers?
  • Do they promote social interaction and bonds of friendship?
  • Do they have a comprehensive curriculum?

Embrace Education with our Pre School in Fairfield Heights

Education extends far beyond books, and to get a child to enthusiastic about learning, it’s important to have a diverse and stimulating curriculum. Our qualified educators encourage each student to find their interests, with personalised learning opportunities focusing on open experiences. By blending critical skills – including literacy and numeracy – with fun, we allow boys and girls to build confidence, creativity and knowledge.

Through this natural development, our Pre School allows children to flourish, with lessons occurring in both our unique educational rooms (Starlighter, Sunlighter and Moonlighter) as well as the outdoors, on our expansive playground and sandbox.

Imagination’s is the best Day Care for Fairfield Heights’ children

A day care must deliver more than just playtime and naps. It must also create learning opportunities, with children exposed to foundational literacy and numeracy knowledge. That’s why, at Imagination’s Pre-School and Early Learning Centre, we instil a love of learning, with our curriculum centred around dynamic play-based experiences. By turning information into fun, we keep your child fully engaged, which not only builds their confidence but also their life-long interest in education.

Allow us to offer your child the skills he or she needs to succeed in school. Call us today on 02 9724 6356 and schedule an appointment at our Child Care near Fairfield Heights, or use our contact form to enquire about our services.