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Quality Child Care in Fairfield

Quality Child Care in Fairfield

Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre is the optimum centre for quality child care in Fairfield. Our team is committed to engaging children in activities to enhance growth and development including learning new skills and knowledge. Catering for up to seventy-fix children attending on any one day, child care in Fairfield with us is conducive for catering for the diverse needs of each and every individual child. We understand that every child is unique and grows at their own pace therefore we work with your child to help them achieve their optimum potential. Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre approaches child care in Fairfield with an innovative approach valuing a solid learning foundation and facilitating learning and care for your child through a variety of methods. Being a family-friendly centre, we encourage parents and caregivers to contribute ideas on practices and we consistently keep families abreast of their child’s progress. Furthermore, we provide a welcoming, safe and motivating environment which fosters positivity and growth with the children. For our team, it’s the little things that count and this is our motto underpinning Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre. Through learning activities as well as play time, we believe that each and every little thing enhances your child’s learning and development. Play time is integral to developing conducive interpersonal and social skills and we encourage children to grow in self-confidence and assurance. Through fostering communication between children and children and the educators, we are committed to aiding your child to develop effective communication skills for their future. Think of us as an extension of the home environment as we care for your child with due care and attentiveness which is exceptional and a core value at Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre.  


What To Look For In A Child Care Centre in Fairfield

When you begin your search for child care in Fairfield, there are aspects you can consider when selecting a centre for your child. Attributes of the educators and the centre are highly-important and you want what is best for your child. There are various types of child care available such as day care, out-of-school hours care, occasional care and comprehensive care encompassing educational philosophies including early learning. That’s when Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre is the choice centre for your child as we incorporate learning strategies and value educational philosophies for the best start to your child’s life. Offering premium-quality early learning programs is important for your child and our team does just that. Furthermore, we embrace diversity of children’s backgrounds and needs. The location of the centre is also important as it is preferable to be local and easily accessible around your work and lifestyle schedule; Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre is your child care in Fairfield centre. Financial costs of child care can be expensive, however with us we provide a cost-effective child care service and we are passionate about what we do. Happiness is a core value of Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre and we foster a vibe of vibrance of positivity and love nothing more than broad smiles on the children’s faces. That is the vibe you will find when you enter our child care Fairfield centre and the welcoming and warmth of our environment is what makes us a suitable choice for your child.  


Why Choose Imaginations?

As a family-friendly child care in Fairfield centre, our team provides exceptional care for your child and we are passionate about caring for your child. The size of our centre is fantastic and we can cater for up to seventy-six children attending on a day which is an important factor in determining which centre your child attends. We are large and bright and we offer unique experiences for your child to engage in socialisation. We comply with National Quality Standards and the Early Childhood Australia’s Code of Ethics 2006 and we ensure that our educators are highly-qualified and experienced with delivering outstanding care and education for early learning development. Furthermore, we respect and honour the original custodians of our land, the Wullemedegal people and we embrace diversity and the richness of our Indigenous Australian history and culture. Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre offers a clean, healthy environment with professional and friendly team members who are committed to quality education and care.