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How to Combat Separation Anxiety When Your Child Starts Pre-School

Common myths about pre-school education

Are you the parent of a young child? Perhaps you’re a Marsfield resident wondering “where is the best day-care near me?” If so, look no further than our excellent Marsfield daycare centre. Parents can rest assured that Imaginations Pre-School has everything their child needs to thrive, grow, and learn.


We understand that many parents have reservations about enrolling children in early years education. We empathise with this position and will do everything in our power to ensure your child feels welcome and safe in our care. We are also aware, however, that many parents choose to keep their kids at home due to unfounded misconceptions surrounding early years education. As such, we’ve debunked a few below to help you make informed decisions about your child’s growth and development.


Myth #1: Pre-school is a glorified form of babysitting


Pre-school is very different from a babysitting service. While it is certainly true that busy working parents use pre-school as a form of daycare while they’re at work, early childhood education offers structured learning experiences that most babysitters are not qualified to provide.


As well as watching children, pre-schools offer structured environments specially designed to stimulate young minds and help them develop vital social skills. Through guided play, kids enrolled in pre-school can develop the foundational skills needed to excel in traditional school subjects such as maths, English, and science.


Myth #2: Separating children from their parents at a young age will have negative consequences


Some people believe that frequently separating a young child from their parents (particularly the mother) will negatively impact their social development. This simply isn’t true and perpetuating such a myth can contribute to gender inequality in the workplace. Of course, it is perfectly natural for children (and parents!) to experience some separation anxiety at first. Fortunately, our trained educators are equipped with tried-and-tested strategies to keep kids calm and help them integrate seamlessly with other early learners. Trust us – your child will quickly become inseparable from their new friends!

Myth #3: Kids don’t learn anything at such a young age

Some people believe in mantras such as “kids should be kids” and push back against the idea that children should be placed in learning environments at a young age. What they fail to realise, however, is that young kids are learning all the time. Whether they’re trying new foods, testing out unfamiliar words, or learning how to interact with strangers, kids’ brains are like sponges ready to soak up all types of information.

The benefits of organised play include (but are not limited to):

  • Development of emotional and social skills such as cooperation, self-regulation, and conflict resolution.


  • Development of vital literacy skills such as comprehension and retention of new vocabulary.
  • Improved motor skills
  • Improved critical and problem-solving capacities
  • Development of intellectual curiosities and creativity
  • Increased resilience
  • Learning of social codes and norms through role-play


Clearly, placing kids in a structured learning environment isn’t an exercise in futility. It is, in fact, a great way to help youngsters develop at an astounding rate. If you’d like your kid to feel confident and ready to make friends as soon as they enter school, you won’t do much better than enrolling them in pre-school.

Myth #4: Parents can emulate the preschool experience at home


Some parents believe that they can do the same job as a preschool teacher and help their children obtain all the social and intellectual necessary to prepare them for school. While it is certainly the case that children learn huge amounts from their families, preschool teachers are highly trained professionals capable of enhancing children’s social, physical, and cognitive development. They have the skills to immerse children in educational forms of play that simply cannot be emulated in the home.

Furthermore, while your child may be able to learn certain skills at home, pre-school gives them access to a friendly group of peers. Unless you have a large group of friends with kids of the same age, your child will not benefit from the same kind of social opportunities if they remain at home until school.


Myth #5: Pre-schools don’t have a structured curriculum

Some parents believe that pre-schools simply offer the same activities every day. This simply isn’t the case. Contemporary pre-schools offer kids a range of new activities on a rolling basis and are often open to trying new learning styles and techniques. Many instructors plan their lessons and work with kids to reach certain goals over the year.


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Our Curriculum

Make Imaginations Pre-School your choice for childcare and day care in Fairfield. Our centre and staff are committed to provide the very best care and early childhood development for children aged zero to six years old. We are a fully licensed Fairfield childcare centre by the Department of Education and Communities, with continued monitoring and regular licensing inspections. Emphasis is on providing the standard of care and an effective physical environment on an ongoing basis. We are a provider of state approved childcare in Fairfield. We foster a warm and innovative learning environment for children to develop critical team-oriented skills and accommodate individual progress and styles of learning. At Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre, we are the local Fairfield Heights childcare centre and we truly value our local community of families that come together to drop their children off into our care. We embrace diversity in activities for learning and development and playtime driving interpersonal skills and creativity as well as mental stimulation with puzzles and games. Developing fine motor skills is important like drawing, building blocks and other items while driving cognitive development is also learning words, numbers, letters and colours. Problem-solving activities is a big plus for enhancing cognitive function and games and puzzles are strongly encouraged to assist with this. Whether children are indoors or outdoors, there are always activities for them to enjoy doing.

Choosing a Fairfield Childcare Centre

For many parents, finding the right childcare centre stirs up a range of emotions. After all, you are leaving the most precious person in your life in the hands of a stranger. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Our Fairfield childcare offers a special place that nurtures and enhances the development of children. We create an environment for learning, development and growth through play and socialisation with others. It is a home away from home so picking the right childcare service forms an important part of parents’ lives. Determining the type of childcare that you are looking for is an important step. The type of care may differ depending on your overall objective. For example, if you are looking for someone to look after your child for hour or two whilst you run errands,  a long day care service may not be the appropriate choice, family, friends, babysitter or perhaps an occasional care centre may be the best option. On the other hand, if you are looking to provide early education, then a long day care may be a better option. We also recommend families to take centre tours. Visiting an early learning centre is the best way to meet our centre directors and key educators, check out our daily routines and our facilities and indoor and outdoor experiences offered. You’re welcome to book a tour for our Fairfield childcare centre and our centre Director will be very pleased to give you a tour. Childcare costs can take a big portion of household expendable income so it is no surprise that careful consideration of the costs is needed. Lower fee isn’t always the cheapest, nor is the most expensive always the best. So, you should balance the fee for the service the childcare centre delivers. It may seem like it’s simple and straightforward but cleanliness can play an important part in choosing the right childcare centre. Ultimately trust your gut feeling. It doesn’t matter how amazing the centre is or how great the staff are, or if they have availabilities or the cost is low. Trust your instinct, and if your gut tells you to keep looking, then do just that.

Preparation for School

It’s only natural that one day your child is going to outgrow childcare and early learning and so our Fairfield Heights childcare centre, Imaginations aims to prepare each child for their future school years to the optimum of each capacity. We don’t place too much pressure on them thus we gently guide them through learning. We help them by applying new skills so that they may have a pocket of resources for when they begin to attend primary school. Some children will develop quicker than others, rapidly absorbing information and skills and be well-prepared for school but this does not mean that their emotional state is also ready for school years. Our educators at Fairfield childcare centre understand this and hence offer an all-encompassing strategy to help the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of all children regardless of the level of their skills. While some children may progress at a slower rate, they still have enormous opportunities to gain skills and achieve successful outcomes during their school years. Lifelong attitudes are often established within the early years and cognitive development years of childhood so our educators encourage positive and productive attitudes towards educators, towards the children themselves, with the other children and with the activities. 

The Benefits Of Early Learning Centres: Fairfield Heights Child Care Centre

At our very own Fairfield Heights child care centre, Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre is a prime choice for you to send your beloved little one to child care and know they will gain the best experience they can from qualified educators and staff. Enrolling your child in your local Fairfield Heights child care centre, you are helping setting them for gaining cognitive development, socialisation and play-time creativity and imagination, engagement with adults and other children, mental stimulation and craftmanship of arts and crafts and even the enjoyment of music and melodies which aid children’s development. We seek to foster effective interpersonal skills and other learning and development skills within each and every child to reach their individual full potential and we embrace diversity and inclusivity to welcome all children to share in our Imaginations centre. Through encouragement, motivation and inspiration, we firmly and gently guide children to engage in various activities which aids their growth and development and this can be like a continuation of learning at home. Our team values mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and we ensure that the children are well taken care of and we comply with safety standards and effective supervision. We love nothing more than to see the smiling faces of children in delight and enjoying themselves in different activities whether it be for learning or for play-time and we are passionate about helping your child foster a successful start in life. 

Preparing The Children For School Years

It’s only natural that one day your child is going to outgrow child care and early learning and so our Fairfield Heights child care centre, Imaginations aims to prepare each and every child for their future school years to the optimum of each capacity. We don’t place too much pressure on them and we gently guide them through learning and applying new skills so that they may have a pocket of resources for when they begin to attend primary school. Some children will develop quicker than others, rapidly absorbing information and skills and be well-prepared for school but this does not mean that their emotional state is also ready for school years. Our educators understand this and we offer an all-encompassing strategy to help the mental, emotional and physical well being of all children regardless of the level of their skills. While some children may progress at a slower rate, they still have enormous opportunities to gain skills and achieve successful outcomes during their school years. Lifelong attitudes are often established within the early years and cognitive development years of childhood so educators encourage positive and productive attitudes towards educators, towards the children themselves, with the other children and with the activities.

Activities Galore!

At Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre, we are the local Fairfield Heights child care centre and we truly value our local community of families that come together to drop their children off into our care. We embrace diversity in activities for learning and development and play-time driving interpersonal skills and creativity as well as mental stimulation with puzzles and games. Developing fine motor skills is important like drawing, building blocks and other items while driving cognitive development is also learning words, numbers, letters and colours. Problem-solving activities is a big plus for enhancing cognitive function and games and puzzles are strongly-encouraged to assist with this. Whether children are indoors or outdoors, there are always activities for them to enjoy doing and engaging with their imagination to create arts and crafts and play-time activities and games. Musical activities are conducive for sensory stimulation in hearing and enjoying the relaxing tones of singing or melodies and this can gather the group of children around to collaborate together. Our educators at the Fairfield Heights child care centre ensure that we offer a vast array of activities for children to engage in therefore this stimulates them greatly and enhances their learning and development. 

Quality Child Care in Fairfield

Quality Child Care in Fairfield

Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre is the optimum centre for quality child care in Fairfield. Our team is committed to engaging children in activities to enhance growth and development including learning new skills and knowledge. Catering for up to seventy-fix children attending on any one day, child care in Fairfield with us is conducive for catering for the diverse needs of each and every individual child. We understand that every child is unique and grows at their own pace therefore we work with your child to help them achieve their optimum potential. Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre approaches child care in Fairfield with an innovative approach valuing a solid learning foundation and facilitating learning and care for your child through a variety of methods. Being a family-friendly centre, we encourage parents and caregivers to contribute ideas on practices and we consistently keep families abreast of their child’s progress. Furthermore, we provide a welcoming, safe and motivating environment which fosters positivity and growth with the children. For our team, it’s the little things that count and this is our motto underpinning Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre. Through learning activities as well as play time, we believe that each and every little thing enhances your child’s learning and development. Play time is integral to developing conducive interpersonal and social skills and we encourage children to grow in self-confidence and assurance. Through fostering communication between children and children and the educators, we are committed to aiding your child to develop effective communication skills for their future. Think of us as an extension of the home environment as we care for your child with due care and attentiveness which is exceptional and a core value at Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre.  


What To Look For In A Child Care Centre in Fairfield

When you begin your search for child care in Fairfield, there are aspects you can consider when selecting a centre for your child. Attributes of the educators and the centre are highly-important and you want what is best for your child. There are various types of child care available such as day care, out-of-school hours care, occasional care and comprehensive care encompassing educational philosophies including early learning. That’s when Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre is the choice centre for your child as we incorporate learning strategies and value educational philosophies for the best start to your child’s life. Offering premium-quality early learning programs is important for your child and our team does just that. Furthermore, we embrace diversity of children’s backgrounds and needs. The location of the centre is also important as it is preferable to be local and easily accessible around your work and lifestyle schedule; Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre is your child care in Fairfield centre. Financial costs of child care can be expensive, however with us we provide a cost-effective child care service and we are passionate about what we do. Happiness is a core value of Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre and we foster a vibe of vibrance of positivity and love nothing more than broad smiles on the children’s faces. That is the vibe you will find when you enter our child care Fairfield centre and the welcoming and warmth of our environment is what makes us a suitable choice for your child.  


Why Choose Imaginations?

As a family-friendly child care in Fairfield centre, our team provides exceptional care for your child and we are passionate about caring for your child. The size of our centre is fantastic and we can cater for up to seventy-six children attending on a day which is an important factor in determining which centre your child attends. We are large and bright and we offer unique experiences for your child to engage in socialisation. We comply with National Quality Standards and the Early Childhood Australia’s Code of Ethics 2006 and we ensure that our educators are highly-qualified and experienced with delivering outstanding care and education for early learning development. Furthermore, we respect and honour the original custodians of our land, the Wullemedegal people and we embrace diversity and the richness of our Indigenous Australian history and culture. Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre offers a clean, healthy environment with professional and friendly team members who are committed to quality education and care. 

Imagination Child Care at Fairfield

Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre is the choice centre for your child to attend day care. Our team is dedicated to delivering excellent child care at Fairfield and for assisting in childhood development for children up to six-years old. Licensed by the Department of Education and Communities, we are continually assessed and have regular licensing inspections We pride ourselves on delivering quality care for your child and can have up to seventy-six children attend on any one day. Our team understands that every child is different with varying personalities and learning styles and we cater for these. Child care at Fairfield is a centre of care and attentiveness to every child’s learning and individual progress and we help foster critical team-oriented skills. We at Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre believe in developing a solid learning foundation and our care and learning facilitation is what sets us apart from other centres. Furthermore, we are committed to providing outstanding client service to parents and carers and will update you on your child’s progress. We provide a safe, warm and encouraging environment that fosters positivity and enthusiasm within the children.


fairfield child care


‘It is the little things that count!’

This is the motto underpinning the child care at Fairfield provided by Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre: ‘it is the little things that count!’ We know that your child is unique and an individual and we want to support the growth of every child in their own way and in their own time. Through socialising at a young age, we can foster team-player attitudes and social interactions that are conducive to children’s safety and confidence in social activities. Play time is integral to a child’s learning development and play experiences indoor and outdoor supports learning. Furthermore, your child is attending an educational environment and we encourage and support the learning opportunities for your child. Our child care at Fairfield embraces the diversity of culture, history and language and communication is key. Children need a space to learn how to communicate and a space where they feel they belong; early childhood education is broadening from the home environment, the community and assist in the transition to primary school.

Creating a Welcoming Learning Environment

Learning takes place in a myriad of ways from educators, peer interactions, families, the community and the physical environment. Mother Nature provides endless possibilities for learning such as playing amongst the sand, water, dirt, plants, animals, rainbows and insects. We also encourage learning about the natural environment’s beauty and maintaining its cleanliness. Child care at Fairfield practices motivating children to be self-directed in their individual learning and adopt pre-kindergarten concept skills as well as academic learning such as in language, literacy, mathematics, science, music and the arts. Every child has a unique identity and should be encouraged to express this and the encouragement of this leads to a solid good health and wellbeing. Imaginations Pre-School and Early Learning Centre collaborates with parents and families to ensure a healthy education and caring environment is provided and welcomes feedback and input into the learning programs and events. Our educators are dedicated to continually learning and developing their knowledge and skills and we value and practice ethical care and education as outlined in the Early Childhood Australia’s Code of Ethics, 2006. Imaginations Fairfield also acknowledges and pays respect to the traditional custodians of this land, the Wullemedegal people and their language. We encourage and foster a sense of belonging among our children and their families and connection to Country and shared Indigenous history and culture.

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Fairfield Childcare

In today’s competitive world, most parents now work to cope with difficult situations, regardless of the age of their children. Fairfield childcare allows parents to provide their children with a safe and caring environment. All parents want their children to have a positive start in life and to provide a strong foundation for a pre-school foundation without problems. But when it comes to health and development, good care is paramount. It helps them develop the skills they need to be successful in school and their lives.

High-quality childcare provider

High-quality childcare for children can have a positive impact on the growth and preparation of children for school. Well, what does a “high quality” child care center do at Fairfield? It is characterized by qualified, trained and effective management that provides a program that covers all aspects of child development. The childcare encompasses physical, emotional, motor, social and cognitive development.

Fairfield childcare promotes independence so that children develop the ability to calm down in a difficult situation and make the right decisions. The promotion of independence includes some basic personal care skills, such as washing hands, opening boxes of food, wiping a nose, taking out a backpack, etc. Appropriate caregivers will always instill the organization by working on ways to keep their clothes, toys and other things organized.

Social growth of a child

Social preparation, not just academic preparation, will always be a priority for a good child care center in Fairfield. Social development is necessary and can be something like playing happily with pear, participating in simulated games or communicating with teachers. This daycare always promotes the natural way of improving social skills that involve their participation in many outdoor games.  Through the eyes of children, establishing a high-quality child care program can mean acceptance of who they are and what they are doing. It also means that responsible adults are taking care of them, making them emotionally and physically comfortable. They have the opportunity to participate in interesting and attractive activities and have a lot of fun.   When your child has a safe and caring environment you can trust, you will not even worry while you’re at work. This is the most important benefit for enrolling your child in high-quality Fairfield childcare. You know that your child receives the kind of attention he always wants to give you so that the child is happy and healthy.

While there is no single definition for finding high-quality child care near Fairfield, each family member and employer can benefit from it. Some integral elements have been identified as important for the well-being of the child, such as good hygiene, good nutrition, safety, stimulating environment, active play, skill development, communication for health, emotional and physical growth, gender equality and more.

fairfield child care

Why is Fairfield childcare better for your children?

Sending your child to the best child care center will make your child gleeful and happy. Children tend to feel depressed and tired in the absence of their parents. Sometimes you are not sure if the nanny cares about your children or not. Fairfield childcare creates an environment where your child enjoys a family atmosphere and learns to be in a new environment.  Your children will meet children of the same age. One of the reasons why a million people send their child to childcare means that their child has the opportunity to socialize. Your child will benefit from staying with other children and will learn to feel comfortable with them.

Sending your child to Fairfield childcare means that your child is immersed in the structural environment. This means that all children follow a routine; play, nap, eat, play, and snack. By caring for their children, their children follow an appropriate routine that will benefit them in the future. This limits the positive change and feeds the growth and well-being of your child.

The best thing about child care is that the experts have experience and are gradually aware of what the child needs or wants. The experts create a friendly relationship and create a family space for children to feel comfortable and learn to get out of their shell. Fairfield childcare is a place where children will not feel bored at all because they are always doing other activities which they enjoy together.  Child care is also the first step for your children to learn and be academically oriented. Children are given to different activities where they learn about letters, months, days, how to carry a pencil, etc.

In general, it is understood that the great care of children at Fairfield has educational goals and the extensive development of children and a positive approach to their health and overall development.

Reasons for Choosing child care Fairfield Institution

Every couple faces difficulty when selecting the right day care facility for the children. An apt Centre has the potential to bestow immense benefits to the kids, whereas choosing the wrong institution could cause harm in their overall development. So, it is a crucial decision that should be taken by considering all the parameters, including experience, expertise, certification, and license of the Centre.   Make a complete search on the web, ask your known ones, and read reviews on the internet to accomplish your hunt. Imaginations Child care Fairfield, where the professionals have over-controlling behaviors, it is observed that the cortisol levels (a stress hormone) of the kids are highly elevated. So, make sure that your precious one is enrolled in a facility, where he is encouraged to live freely. Imaginations Child care Fairfield offers ample opportunities to boost the confidence, self-esteem, and independence of the children. It should have both indoor and outdoor setups.  The parents should observe the behavior of their kids to know whether he is happy in the care Centre or not but definitely a child enrolled in Imaginations Childcare Fairfield will always be well behaved. If your child exhibits an anxious and vigilant behavior, or becomes aggressive and angry, then you must surely check in on the Centre just to see how things are being run.

child care fairfield

Benefits of a child care facility

The importance to take an immediate action cannot be overstated, knowing the fact that the harmful effects on your kid may last for a long time. A child care Centre is a second home for the little ones as they would spend most of their time here, while you and your partner would be at work. These institutes play a significant role in the overall grooming of the kids. A good facility for your toddler or infant would always possess a supportive environment with all the professionals showing fondness and warmth to the kids. This is essential in enhancing the psychological as well as emotional growth of the children.  Reputed Imaginations Child care Fairfield is as good for parents as well as children. You will be relaxed that your child is in safe hands. He is getting proper meals, and is nurtured in the best possible ways. The educational programs are customized to support the learning of children in order to maximize their development. The classrooms have toys, which challenges learning and support emerging interests of the kids. The professionals foster the creative thinking, eagerness and curiosity of the children by facilitating such experiences.  So, all those women who have taken a break from the work, can join their respective jobs again by enrolling their angels to Imaginations Child care Fairfield institution. It would surely be a good opportunity that would benefit you and your child. Just ensure that you register your little one in a well-organized facility run by proficient, and experienced personnel. Also, do not forget to check the license and experience of the centre before taking any decision. When you are considering a day care centre, try to spend some time talking to the parents with children put in that centre and observing the centre closely.

Ask the following questions as well:

Is there an open door policy for parents to visit the Centre at any time?

On what holidays is the facility closed?

What is the policy of the Centre in caring for sick children?

How are children monitored in the play area?

How reliable is the equipment and is it being frequently inspected for proper working?

How do you group the kids? By age?

Does the Centre welcome children of diverse cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds to the program?

Are there provisions for young ones with special needs? -What kind of qualification and training do the teachers and other staff have?

When you are evaluating the responses to these questions, consider carefully on how the philosophy of child rearing, nurturing and discipline connects with your perspective of how your child must be cared and guided every day. Imaginations Childcare Fairfield will therefore portray their professional skills in dealing with your questions for the good of your child.

Lastly, do you personally feel that the person or the program is trustworthy? Do you trust that your son or daughter will be safe and happy and have the opportunity to mingle, learn and grow well in this kind of environment?

Signs of a good child care facility

Children are engaged in various activities throughout the day.

They spend most of the time working and playing with materials or with other children.

The classroom is decorated with the original artwork and projects of children.

Children look forward to coming to the facility every day.

They have an opportunity to play safely in the play area every day.

Children are given ample chances to play and explore ideas.

Each child is given personal attention based on the requirement.

All the staff members are kind and know well how to treat little children.

After all your interviewing, research and observation, you will find out that Imaginations Child care Fairfield works right for you and your family. For more information regarding Imaginations Childcare Fairfield call on 02 9724 6356 or email info@imaginationspre-school.com.au.

The future of day care in Fairfield

There are many parents out there who may be curious to know where the future of day care in Fairfield may be heading. This can be a topic of interest for those who are currently pregnant or who have little ones which they wish to enrol in care within the next year or two. No matter the age of the child, it is never too early for mums and dads to do a bit of research and learn about the different kinds of day care in Fairfield that is out there. What some may not know, is that there are progressive, unique, and boutique learning centres out there such as ourselves here at Imaginations in Fairfield that are constantly striving to stay up-to-date with current research so that educators are constantly evolving and so that young ones are getting the best care possible. While our practices may not seem drastically different from traditional day care in Fairfield, there are a few unique things that we pride ourselves on. This includes our personalised approach, our emphasis on inclusion, as well as our state-of-the-art facility. We believe that it is important that each and every child feels accepted, heard, and appreciated no matter what their background or culture may be. We can only hope that more schools and childcare centres follow in our footsteps and truly embrace the multicultural country that is Australia.

day care in fairfield

Children should be focused on as individuals

When it comes to learning, children and teenagers are all too often ranked on country wide scales. The truth is that children have different learning styles, have different strengths and weaknesses, and have different personalities. As this is the case, we understand that all children need to be focused on as individuals. This means that their strengths can be built upon and they can be taught how to use their learning styles to the best of the abilities. This will not only help build their confidence but will also help them when they enter primary school and then high school down the track. Individualised learning has proved to be beneficial and we believe that this approach will be the future of day care in Fairfield. In addition to focusing on the child at hand rather than trying to get them to fit a certain mould, we also believe that day care is the perfect place for children to build their social skills and focus on their confidence. Here at Imaginations in Fairfield, they will get a chance to spend time with other children and will learn how to co-exist with different personalities and backgrounds. This means sharing, respecting people’s possessions and personal space, as well as much more. Furthermore, they will gain confidence within themselves as they will learn about their own strengths and weaknesses and how they are able to work with them. On top of all of this, we believe that day care in Fairfield should feel like an extension of the home. A safe place where children can go to be themselves and to also receive the best education that they possibly can.

Learning must occur in a great child care centre too

While it is so important to implement certain philosophies when it comes to day care in Fairfield such as inclusion, it is also important that children are learning and are preparing themselves for primary school. Receiving a great education from an early age can not only help children down the track but it can also make them feel prepared when they do enter the big school. Here at Imaginations, we let children know what is expected of them when it comes to their education and we will work alongside them and offer encouragement along the way. We also believe that parents are the first teachers when it comes to development and that we are an extension of that. Because of this, we aim to include parents as much as we possibly can. This may be by coming into the centre every now and again or by simply letting parents know what sorts of things we have achieved that day. We understand that many parents out there would prefer it if they didn’t have to enrol their child in day care and so we aim to make this transition as easy as possible. At the end of the day, a child’s education is one of the most important things. Because of this, we aim to provide care that is unique, inclusive, and up-to-date with research. Contact us today!

day care in fairfield

Fairfield Child Care and helping you!

How Fairfield child care can help nurture your child

There are many parents out there that will reach a point where they will think that it is time to look into Fairfield child care. This can be for a wide variety of reasons, but many parents will want to ensure that their kids are socialised and know how to interact confidently with other kids. This is especially important for those who are only a year or six months away from attending primary school. Other parents will need to return to the workforce and don’t have family members who are able to take care of their young ones. When this is the case, some will have no other choice then to look into Fairfield child care. While it may seem simple enough to find a place to send a kid, parents want to ensure that they find somewhere with a safe, secure, and nurturing environment. This is incredibly important as many children will find it traumatic when they are spending time away from their parents and with new people that they don’t know yet. Similarly, many families will have their own way of doing things and so it can be quite confusing for a young one until they get used to things. Many kids that are the only ones in their homes will find it hard to share at first and so it is vital to find Fairfield child care that will help make this transition as easy as possible. Thankfully, there are many different Fairfield child care centres out there that will help nurture your child in many different ways.

Fairfield child care can help by nurturing their strengths

It is now becoming more well-known that each individual has their own learning weaknesses and strengths. Because of this, not every person will have the same learning styles or personalities. One kid may be more introverted and enjoys spending time reading alone, whereas another kid may excel with their hand-eye coordination and so will enjoy playing sports. Another may be extroverted and so with enjoy playing make believe, whereas another will be more mathematically minded. Whatever their strengths may be, Fairfield child care can help first of all establish what these strengths are and then apply them to their learning. Here at Imaginations, we treat every single student like an individual and we respect different personalities and backgrounds. Having said this, we work with these individualities to ensure that every child is learning what they need to learn so that they are completely prepared for when they need to attend primary school.

Fairfield child care can help them feel included

Unfortunately, there are many children out there who will feel like they aren’t included or like they don’t belong with other kids of their own age. This may be because of their ethnicity, their learning abilities, or something else entirely. Whatever their differences may be, we fully accept their differences here at Imaginations so that every child can feel like they are included. This inclusion means that they will have a safe place to come where they can feel confident and so their learning abilities can be nurtured. Children can learn to play with one another, can practice sharing, and can feel free to express themselves. This can be vital when it comes to growing and developing and can give kids the springboard they need when they are ready to enter primary school. Furthermore, we also acknowledge the original custodians of our land here in Australia and we believe that we have a responsibility to maintain a sense of belonging to our shared Aboriginal history and culture. Even though we believe that Fairfield child care must be a place where uniqueness is accepted and celebrated, we also take rights and responsibilities very seriously. This means that parents can feel safe sending their kids to Fairfield child care because their children will be equally valued citizens in our community. They will have the right to play, have the right to privacy, have the right to be heard, and will have the right to practice their own culture. We understand that Fairfield child care needs to be an extension of the home, not just a place where kids are sent. In conclusion, our special approach here at Imaginations can make a world of difference when it comes to nurturing your young one. If you are considering Fairfield child care, book in a time to come and view our facility and have a chat with one of our friendly carers. You will see that we are one of best Fairfield child care facilities out there.

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Fairfield Childcare – Why you should send your child to Imaginations pre-school

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We all want the absolute best when it comes to our children, and this is especially the case when it comes childcare and early learning. Fairfield childcare centres options are plentiful, but it is important to ensure that the best one is found in order for your child to have the best chance of growing and developing. Here at Imaginations, we believe we have one of the best Fairfield childcare centres and this is for a number of reasons. First of all, we are extremely committed to providing the best of care and early childhood development. This drive means that every aspect of the services that we offer are well thought about and all of our team members are extremely passionate. This can make the world of difference when it comes to care as we will focus on your child individually to ensure that they have fun with learning and feel like our centre is an extension of their home. Furthermore, we understand that education is at the forefront of change, so we strive to participate in and contribute to leadership in early childhood education practices, as well as research. Making a difference when it comes to Fairfield childcare is of the utmost importance to us, and we aim to reflect this in the outstanding amenities that we offer.

We are committed to innovation

Fairfield Child Care CenterOne of the best reasons to send your child to our centre here at Imaginations is because we are committed to innovation. We reflect this innovation in all areas including in our philosophies, the curriculum that we provide, as well as our state-of-the-art centre. We place a strong emphasis on diversity in our centre which children are able to take out into the real world with them. This means that children will learn about different cultures, Aboriginal history, and inclusion. When it comes to our curriculum we aim to provide an individualised experience which will nurture each child’s individual talents. This is achieved by providing a mixture of play-based activities and intentional teaching which is based upon a child’s interests. This way they are able to develop their skills in areas that they enjoy, and they are able to gain confidence in themselves. On top of all of this, our centre is carefully thought out with many different interactive areas.  We have designated zones where children can participate in different activities, different rooms created for different age groups, and a fantastic outdoor area where children can receive important sunshine. We aim to push the envelope when it comes to Fairfield childcare, and we believe we are achieving this by carefully curating each and every aspect of the services that we provide.

We are fully licenced, and state approved

In addition to providing a warm and nurturing environment where parents will feel safe leaving their children, we are also fully licensed, and state approved. This means that we are a recognised child care facility and parents will be able to claim government rebates when they send their children to us. This is extremely important for many families as childcare can be a struggle for many and will often cost the same amount as a parent’s wage for that day. Parents can also feel safe knowing that all of our team members are qualified, are trained in first-aid, have a valid and up-to-date working with children’s check, as well as a national police check. We take regulations very seriously here at Imaginations and so we are sure to never cut any corners when it comes to the services that we provide. On top of all of this, we also offer flexible hours ranging from 7am – 6.30pm and we are able to provide care for children ranging from 0-6 years old. We are also open for 52 weeks of the year and are able to take care of up to 76 children at a time.

Why you should send your child to us

Early learning centre near meIn addition to all of the above reasons mentioned, we really do believe that we offer some of the best care in town. We want to work in partnership with parents to provide excellent care for their children, and we honour each parent as a child’s first teacher. We aim to collaborate rather than take over, and so we encourage parents and families to contribute and participate in our curriculum, programs, and events. All in all, we understand the importance of early learning and so are here to offer the best services that we possibly can.